Started in 2020 our goal was to find the best farmers around the world who produce the best ingredients that value, respect and add a contributing factor for our skin. Farmers who take pride in their craft, who don’t use any additives or harsh chemicals in their farming techniques.

We pride ourselves on being a clean ingredients company using 100% organic natural ingredients.

We do not use artificial ingredients in our products and formulate accordingly to the strictest European standards, meaning we do not use more than 1300 potentially harmful chemicals that have been banned by the EU.


We believe clean beauty should the norm in today’s society for every company to only sell clean skincare products for our bodies. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Companies can willingly put harmful ingredients into their products, to water down their products or to act as filler, willingly with no consequences. The only people who suffer from this is you the consumer who use these products without willingly knowing.

The skin is the biggest organ on our body and everything we put on it, it quickly absorbs. Knowing this, we make sure our products are non-toxic and don’t contain anything nasty in it, which would effect or damage your skin.

You can trust us to always put clean beauty at the forefront of everything we do.

SO WHAT IS OUR MISSION: Simple. To make sure everyone has cleaner, safer, non-toxic products in their hands.


Our ingredients are all grown organically, and harvested with love by local community project farmers, from all over the world. 

We ensure that they follow the guidelines to grow their ingredients ethically and sustainably. Our farmers do not test on animals and all our ingredients are GMO-free.

By doing so this gives us full traceability and history of our ingredients, from the seed to the bottle, so we can ensure we provide you with a high quality product.

We do not work with any agents or distributors. By doing this we are able to pay the community project farmers directly as this helps them invest back into their business and communities, which also leads to carefully curated harvested ingredients.

We are currently working with community project farmers in Ghana, Morocco and South Africa


Our ethos is simple. We believe that plants support and heal the body. They have been healing our bodies and skin for centuries and have always been there to aid us. And for this reason, we only plan on introducing vegan based products for you and your skin.

We only use certified organic or wild crafted ingredients to ensure nothing has been tampered with the ingredients and to ensure you get the highest level of nutrients which it was intended for. Every one of our products has been chosen for it special skin healing properties to ensure your skin gets the best use out of them.




Our extraction process is just as important as our harvesting process.

Our farmer’s only use cold pressing extraction methods to ensure all the antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids are retained at their highest level.

Non-cold pressed ingredients which use heat to as a process of extraction will diminish the quality of the ingredients as the heat can damage the antioxidants and vitamins.

Companies will use heat extraction methods to gain more quantity out of the ingredients. So with cold pressed ingredients you are choosing quality over quantity.