5 Ways Following a Skincare Routine Can Reduce Stress

We all know that taking the time to think up and perfect one's own daily skincare routine can work wonders when it comes to the appearance of the skin-but not many know that doing this can have amazing benefits to one's mental health as well. Oftentimes, we are so busy in our day to day lives that we may forego taking the extra steps in the morning before work to ensure that we are cleansing and moisturizing our skin correctly, or we may just be too tired at night to get out of bed and go through our routines before we fall asleep. We may feel that going the extra mile to care for our skin simply isn't worth it when there are so many other, more pressing duties that we have to complete.    

Especially for those who deal with heightened levels of stress or anxiety daily, simply making the time to pamper your skin can do wonders for mental health relief. Not only will planning out a morning and nighttime skincare routine leave your skin glowing, hydrated, supple, and beautiful, but you are also likely to be much more relaxed and at peace because of it. It truly is a win-win situation! If you are still hesitant in believing just how following a skincare routine can work to lower one's stress and anxiety levels, keep reading to discover the top 5 ways it does just that!  

  1. Provides a Stable Routine

Oftentimes, our daily lives can be full of chaos, stress, and worry-whether that come from work, school, personal issues, or all of the above. You may find that on a daily basis, you simply cannot follow the same routine because things are so up in the air, which can manifest into feelings of anxiety. The simple act of setting out time in the morning and night to carry out your skincare routine is providing your day with structure, and before long becomes an easy and reliable routine to follow each day. With this structure comes a sense of comfort and relief, especially when everything else in our day can be so unsure.

  1. Boosts Self Confidence

Much like eating healthy or working out religiously can boost our confidence when it comes to how our body looks, adopting a skincare routine can work wonders in boosting our confidence when it comes to the skin. When we look great, we tend to feel better about not only ourselves, but the world in general. If your skin is looking lackluster or less than perfect, it can impact how you perceive yourself-and can also be a huge additional worry. You may become insecure about this perceived flaw and allocate lots of time thinking about it. Conversely, if you take the time to care for and tend to your skin each day, you will be working towards obtaining skin that is healthy and glowing, which will serve as a serious confidence booster overall.

  1. There is Power in Touch

We may think nothing of it, but simply performing a quick (or long, depending on how much time you have) facial massage when you are working your products into the skin can be amazing for alleviating feelings of stress or anxiety. Facial massages work to relieve built-up tension in the face, jaw, and neck, and will leave you feeling relaxed. They also activate the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn reduces anxiety levels and uplifts the mood. Additionally, taking the extra time to give yourself a massage is a great way to pamper yourself fully, and will likely lead you to feel completely at peace, relaxed, and worry-free. So, next time you are about to slather your cleanser onto your face, take the few extra minutes to perform a facial massage with it and you will be happy you did.

  1. Amazing Self-Care Method

Setting aside time each day to pamper your skin will not only provide you with a much needed break from all the craziness of your daily life, but also is an amazing way to care for yourself. While carrying out your preferred skincare regimen, you are being kind to yourself and your skin, while allowing your mind to take a brief break from worries or anxieties and instead, just focus on the current moment. You can even play calming music during your routine, or read your favorite book while letting a face mask sit on the skin to really pamper yourself further. Even if you only have mere minutes in the morning or before bed to do your routine, you are still communicating to yourself that you are worth the extra effort! Self-care methods are so important to one's mental health, and without them, we can easily become irritated or stressed.

  1. Can Become a Bonding Activity

Skincare can even work to bond you with members of your household or friends by providing a common activity that you can discuss and partake in together. Putting on face masks with your husband while watching television, or showing and teaching your daughters about your favorite skincare oils can work to bond you and can even lead to greater levels of happiness. The simple act of letting skincare become a group activity with loved ones is an amazing way to spend more time with another, increase social interaction, and overall lead to feelings of peace and calmness. You can even make your own face masks with your loved ones by using common household ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, yogurt, or honey to further bond-and, in turn, have everyone in the household's skin looking hydrated, beautiful, and fresh!

The bottom line is, having a predetermined skincare routine in which you follow each day is vital to maintain one's overall peace, calmness, and happiness, and to lower one's stress and anxiety levels. Self-care is so important for our mental health, and skincare routines are a great and practical way to communicate to yourself that you care enough to take the time for some much needed pampering each day. Before long, you will look forward to your daily skincare routine and wonder how you ever lived without it! Not only will your skin be head-turning and beautiful, but more importantly: you will be taking steps towards tackling stress and anxiety by allocating time and energy into something with amazing payoff and benefits.

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